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Gabe Guglietti

Founder & Marketing Expert

Colby Leatham

Founder & D2D Golden Door Winner

Made for Direct Sales by Direct Sales People

We’re just like you...we got our start in direct sales and know exactly what it’s like trying to manage the daily flow of leads, whether it’s one a day or 100.

When I was doing the daily grind of direct sales I got overwhelmed with juggling leads, where they were at in the process, what we discussed with them last, and if they were even getting our messages.

I was struggling with that while trying to also drum up new leads.

And I was getting more and more frustrated.

I was seeing people use the internet and new technology to make the whole lead flow fast and easy.

One day I just felt so overwhelmed...while I was generating sales it was becoming too much to keep track of.

Which meant I couldn't convert the leads that mattered and I was just spinning my wheels to keep the momentum up.

As you can imagine, I was looking for a change and desperate for a way to get my sanity back.

Then I was introduced to automated lead follow-up.. but not just emails.

At that point, I realized this was a game changer!

I finally figured out I could let all my leads go through the right nurture campaigns that were perfect for them at the right time without me having to manually do it.

We built out a system with the power of the cloud and automation to:

  • Leverage the power of software to automatically turn leads into booked appointments
  • Get alerted whenever a lead was warm and primed for my sales pitch
  • Stay top of mind with every single prospect regardless of where there were in the decision process and in the way they wanted to be contacted (phone, email, text, etc).

Because We Are A Direct Sales Company